5 Subtle Signs You Have Anxiety But Don’t Know About It

Have you ever questioned whether you have anxiety? Sometimes, anxiety can manifest in ways that are hard to identify. This can include thought patterns and even physical symptoms that you never would have thought are related to anxiety. In this video, we’ll be talking about 5 subtle signs you have anxiety but don’t know about it.

Disclaimer: This video is not intended to provide you with a medical diagnosis. If you are concerned about your mental health, we encourage you to seek support and/or consult a healthcare professional.

Here are a few things people with anxiety do alone: https://youtu.be/EbF7AriK6IE

Writer: Monique Zizzo
Script Editor: Vanessa Tao
Script Manager: Kelly Soong
Voice: Drew Baillie
Animator: Madhurima Das
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong


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