Aachen for Students and Tourists I Germany’s Most Beautiful University Cities Pt.1

DW’s Lukas Stege shows us around Aachen. With its ancient cathedral, cosy old town, lively pub scene and one of world’s most renowned universities—Aachen is one of the hottest student cities in Germany. It has plenty to entertain tourists, too! Joined by two students, Lukas tours the city of Charlemagne and visits the famous RWTH, the University of Science and Technology.

00:00 Intro
00:32 Where is Aachen?
00:45 Aachen’s history: Roman ruins and thermal springs
01:29 Emperor Charlemagne
01:52 How students find Aachen
03:00 Facts and figures about the RWTH Aachen
03:30 Main building of RWTH, meeting Indian student Priya Pal
07:08 Kármán-Tor
07:47 Aachen Cathedral
08:58 Roman columns
09:11 Town Hall
09:21 Aachener printen
09:35 Humboldt House, meeting Mexican student Yara Lintermanns
11:01 Pontstrasse Pub mile
11:54 Live concert: Burden to Atlas

Report: Lukas Stege, Kerstin Schmidt
Camera: Holm Weber
Editing: Klaus Hellmig
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