Albania Travel Guide: How to Travel Europe’s Best Kept Secret

Albania is an insiders‘ tip – but that might soon change. More and more people are discovering Albania as a travel destination. And Albania has a lot to offer – the sea is as blue as in the Carribean, the mountains as tall as in Switzerland. Prices are moderate and visitors are met with a lot of hospitality. DW‘s Astrid Benölken has travelled in Albania and gives you a glimpse of what to expect. Plus – some helpful tips for your trip!

00:00 Intro
00:42 Tirana
01:19 How to get around by bus
01:43 Car driving
01:55 Durrës
02:22 Tourism in Albania
03:10 Shkodër and Rozafa Castle
03:53 Lake Komani
05:00 Hiking in the Valbona Valley National Park
06:35 Bunkers
07:20Guest house Arben Selimaj

Report: Astrid Benölken
Camera: Marco Borowski
Editing: Marvin Stamer, Roberto Reis
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