An Experimental Architect Designed Apartment Building (Apartment Tour)

231 Napier Street is an experimental architect designed apartment located in the rapidly changing suburb of Fitzroy. Designed by Edition Office as a retreat and a sanctuary to relax and regenerate within, 231 Napier Street works to actively compose a new narrative for Fitzroy’s future. The brief, provided by Milieu, informed the vision for 231 Napier Street, which allowed Edition Office to let the space organically emerge.

There is a wide variety of apartment typologies with the complex – from small one-bedroom studios to double level penthouses. This allows the space to be flexible and accessible for a range of people including families, younger people and singles. As an experimental architect designed apartment, 231 Napier Street subtly reaches beyond; it has a clear and conscious connection to the streetscape. Its restraint infers to the surrounding traditional townhouses but remains true to its own intention.

The building possesses an experimental interior configuration, developed to be an experimental architect designed apartment. The project is broken up in an east west configuration, with a central atrium allowing light and air to flow throughout the middle of the building. The layout allows natural air and light to filter, crafting a connection to the site’s surrounding environment.

As an experimental architect designed apartment, the inner urban space is characterised by its material palette. Externally, concrete and steel dominate the structure in a dynamic interplay; the two materials will eventually patina, reflecting the relationship between space and time. Internally, a softer timber palette emerges within the experimental architect designed apartment, allowing the colourful kitchen to become central to the home’s design.

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Architecture by Edition Office.
Developed by Milieu.
Filmed and Edited by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Production by The Local Project.

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