Architect Designs a House on a Remote Island (House Tour)

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Coopworth project by FMD Architect allows an architect to design a house on a remote island. Designing and building a remote house comfortably nestled on 120 hectares of arable land on Bruny Island, Tasmania, Coopworth interacts harmoniously with the site’s climate and resident sheep. In building and designing a remote house, FMD Architect has taken great care to deliver architecture and interior design that welcomes congregation and connection, despite the home’s secluded location.

Designing and building a remote house to celebrate the land’s history involves a nod to the faded red iron shacks dotted across the island. Coopworth by FMD Architect juts from the soil in garnet corrugated cladding – an innovative reimagining of the traditional Australian farmhouse. Reverence to the home’s setting is felt when observing the panorama of green pastures afforded by vast bay windows, boldly framing the vista while acting as passive heat and light sources.

Designing and building a remote house presented a unique opportunity to the architect to embrace the use of a local, sustainably sourced material – resident sheep’s wool, cleverly used as insulation. Fluffy fleece peeps through clear corrugated polycarbonate over the dining area to remind houseguests of the intimate connection to arable land and agriculture.

Further emphasising connection is the deft insertion of beds tucked cosily in private nooks and bordering the home’s expansive windows. Inviting familial bonding for the client’s extended family was FMD Architect’s focus when building a remote house. The home feels humble at first glance, yet roomily sleeps 20 – the experience reminiscent of the classic “sleep out”.

Orientated ideally to display a breathtaking vantage at every turn, a house tour reveals the sparkling bay and mountain ranges that envelop Coopworth in its rugged, natural setting.

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00:00 – An Introduction to Coopworth by FMD Architects
00:56 – Placing the House on the Land
01:20 – The Importance of Natural Light
01:38 – The Upper Level of the House
01:54 – The Main Living Space
02:21 – The View and Windows of the House
02:40 – Materials of the House
03:40 – Choosing the Colour of the House
04:26 – Easy Maintenance of the House
04:50 – What the Architect is Most Proud of
05:18 – Squarespace

Architecture and Interior Design by FMD Architects.
Photography by Adam Gibson.
Build by In2Construction.
Filmed and Edited by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Production by The Local Project.

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