Coffee2Go – Calm Your Mind with Lofi music for sleep, study, relax, aesthetic

Psych2Go is about creating experiences where you can learn more about mental wellness and participate in opportunities to elevate your mental wellness. Music is one of those things that make us feel happy. Cindy, our animation manager, and the team decided to put together this playlist for you to use whenever you are studying, going to sleep, or driving down the road. Hope you enjoy! Please consider supporting our cause by sharing this video with others. Let’s make YouTube a place where you can also elevate your mental wellness while being entertained.

Animator: Sarimopi ( )
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong

0:00 – LoFi Acoustic Guitar with Percussion 0134 By TuesdayNight
0:26 – Street Food by FASSounds
2:52 – Lofi Summer Background by Vladislav Kurnikov
5:05 – Romantic Dinner by FASSounds
7:22 – Lofi Vibes by chillmore
9:44 – MY OBSESSION by Guitar Obsession
12:57 – WatR – Fluid by ItsWatR
18:12 – Moody Lofi Song by virtuosound
21:24 – Sweet Chillhop by Music Unlimited
23:45 – Jazz Cafe by FASSounds
25:43 – Yesterday by MADiRFAN
28:24 – Lofi Hip Hop by KamaleshSiddu
30:22 – Falling by Isaiah Mathew
35:53 – Breeze – Soothing Lo-fi music 78BPM by MigaraJay
38:47 – Lo-Fi Hip-Hop by Anton Vlasov
41:06 – Chill Escape – Lofi Background Music For Videos by Lesfm
45:31 – Lounge by chillmore
48:52 – Lofi Morning music Background Music For Videos by Lesfm
52:18 – Elevator Music Lofi Background Music For Videos by Lesfm
55:17 – Lofi Heavy Chill Bass & Keyboard by Phill Dillow
59:29 – Soft LoFi Beat by ComaStudio

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