Confrontation in South China Sea deepens tensions between China and US-backed Philippines | DW News

Tensions are running high between the Philippines and China following a recent confrontation in a disputed area of the South China Sea.
Manila condemned the Chinese coast guard on Sunday for firing water cannon at its vessels in the contested waterway, describing it as “illegal” and “dangerous.”
Beijing, on the other hand, said it had taken “necessary controls” against Philippine boats that had “illegally” entered its waters.
The incident occurred as the Philippine boats were on a resupply mission to a grounded warship — the BRP Sierra Madre — a World War II-era vessel now used by Manila as a military outpost.
The ship — deliberately grounded by Manila in 1999 to reinforce its sovereignty claims — has long been a flashpoint between the two countries.
The Philippine Navy personnel deployed on the crumbling vessel depend upon resupply missions to survive their remote posting.


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