Dancinema 2022: Conrapeso (Finland)

A man is guarding his house and everything he owns as an allegory of his life, which is empty. A young girl who breaks through to him by kindly leaving her talisman. A journey to the innerself starts.

Director, Producer: Kati Maria Kallio
Writers: Katti Kallio, Yeinner Chicas & Antti Ahokoivu
Featuring: Yeinner Chicas, Tatiana Margarita Carballo Romero, Eleazar Jose Padilla Pineda & Jordan Andres Aburto Rodriguez
Composer: Evenor Gonzalez
Sound design: Janne Laine
Costume designer: Maria Ganzaráin Pina
Editor: Maija Virtanen
Line producer: Esa Westman