Dancinema 2022: Crossing Waters (Guelph, ON, Canada)

Crossing Waters is a cultural reimagination film showcasing first-generation Filipino-Canadian dancers performing contemporized Philippine dance on Scarborough Bluffs beach located in Ontario. The film depicts Pangalay, the fingernail dance performed by communities in the Sulu Archipelago in the Southern Philippines. The movements are slow and meditative, imitating the Sulu Sea combined with modern hip hop music and street dance styles. This film aims to connect Pangalay across the Canadian Filipino diaspora utilizing themes of nature, meditation, grounding, and slowness. We hope this film sheds light on Filipino culture in the Canadian dance space.

Creative Director and Choreography: Candace Kumar
Assistant Choreography: Diana Reyes, Faye Roncesvalles
Co-Producer: Guelph Dance
Featuring: Candace Kumar, Diana Reyes & Faye Roncesvalles
Composer: Lex Junior
Cinematography: Ghillian Simon
Attire: Folklorico Filipino Canada
Artistic Consultants: Kim Requesto, Eric Solano & Sitti Obeso