Dancinema 2022: In Capsule (Upstate New York, USA)

How much of our lives are controlled for us and how much control do we have? How much of the world around us can we understand? Is there a larger knowledge we as humans can only understand once we break away from our comforts?

This film by Dual Rivet is a 10 minute short film danced by two women filmed in upstate New York. Both women stuck in parallel lives are living in their own boxes. These boxes, manmade & monochrome inside have no sense of natural or living materials. Although placed in nature, these women have no understanding of the outside world. Finally one woman sees a bit of nature poking through her box and begins to understand there is more to the world around her. Through dance we see her journey out of the box, into nature, only to find another box. She quickly realizes that she can help the other woman get out. The other woman cannot accept her new reality and fights against it with dynamic and exciting contemporary partnering. Using one another they can both finally understand and accept this new reality, leading them to see another box in the distance, repeating the cycle.

Directors, Choreographers: Jessica Smith, Chelsea Ainsworth
Producers: Pinkhouse Productions, National Performing arts Funding Exchange & Lauren Flack
Featuring: Jennifer Payan, Maggie Joy
Director of Photography: Jonathan Rodrigues
Music: Jessica Smith, Nicole Davis & Pied Pipers
Editor: Jessica Smith
Colorist: Alejandra Cedeno
Box Design: Kyle Netzeband
Set Design: Jessica Smith, Chelsea Ainsworth

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