Dancinema 2022: It’s Not Unusual (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

It’s a tale as old as time, with a groovy twist. Nerdy boy pursuing the “it” girl, who happens to be dating the “it” guy. Will he be successful?

Writer & Director: Becca Nelson
Writer, Choreographer & Producer: Will B Bell
Starring: Leo Manzari, Courtney Allen, Christian Torres Villalobos, Minor Enrique
With: Jared Jenkins, Dalton Shooks, Matthew Lynady, Ricky Polomino, Cedric Dodd, George Sy, Frank Soares, Derek Lewis, Drew Gliwa, Chani Bell, Carly Jane Johnson, Norbert Reyes, Duane Owens, Kenya Lard, Crystal Chestnut, Jordan Beasley, Drew Lake, Trenton Williams, Connor Trahan, Annie Libera, Mikayla Elliott & Cristyn Dang