Dancinema 2022: Las Que Habitan / Those That Live Within Us (Lima, Peru)

To return to intuition is to return to our nature, going through each internal space accepting all of our voices and allowing them to speak all they need to.

It implies entering life following our perishable wisdom that whispers to us and invites us to walk down a path, trusting in who we are and reminding us that we will walk, always, accompanied by all those women who live within us.

Writer & Director: Maria Angela Talavera
Producer: Compañía Una Hebra
Featuring: Natalia Garrido Lecca Uranga, Verónica Garrido Lecca Uranga, Paula Peña Torres, Haziel Gutierrez Assen, Gabriela Tudela Ramos, Arianne Gubbins Drinot
Cinematography: César Safra & Ángelo Ramirez with Piña Media
Film and Sound Editing: César Safra with Piña Media

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