Dancinema 2022 Preview: Making Of Magnifica (Washington, DC, USA)

The Embassy of Italy, the Italian Cultural Institute in Washington, DC, and International Arts & Artists, in collaboration with Cody Gallery at Marymount University, organized the closing of “Magnifica”, Goldschmied & Chiari’s first solo exhibit in Washington DC.

The artist duo and Mimmo Miccolis, Choreographer of the Washington Ballet, were at Cody Gallery to unveil a screendance performance inspired by the exhibition, directed by Carola Mamberto.

Also named “Magnifica”, a dancefilm was made to serve as a connection between the artworks made from Murano glass and colored smoke bombs, and contemporary dance, couture fashion, and pulsing music. The fusion of these mediums together translates into a four-minute screendance performance, both intoxicating and playful at the same time. This preview is for the “Making Of” documentary.

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