Dancinema 2022 Preview: Milez (Austin, TX, USA)

While witnessing the economic and social changes ushered in by the pandemic, eight Early Era dancers inspect the systems that we abide by, and the sameness required of average people to operate within those systems. Featuring Austin-based hip-hop duet Magna Carda, our artists must decide whether to stay within the boxes that confine them or break free.

Milez is truly a pandemic creation. We rehearsed and choreographed online and shot each dancer separately, creating limitations that allowed us to design a truly unique visual experience.

Austin, TX, USA
Created by Early Era Collective, featuring Magna Carda.
Song: “Milez” by Magna Carda
Filmed and edited by: Ben Lee
Directed and produced by: Stephanie Patrick
Choreographed by: Daniel Broxton and Stephanie Patrick
Danced by: Daniel Broxton, Lauren Parra Faudree, Michelle Barfield, Jaylin Lane, Jairus Carr, Ciceley Fullylove, Mia Moi and Stephanie Patrick

Screening: Capitol Dance & Cinema Festival – Oct 8 2022 @ Eaton Workshop DC

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