Dancinema 2022 Preview: SILO (Paris, France)

A chiaroscuro reveals creatures discovering their environment with instinctive gestures. Warned by metallic echoes, they gather within a pack through a cadenced choreography, revealing a vulnerability specific to human beings. Between control and collapse, their bodies rush into a frantic race.

Paris, France
Director: Jérémie Bouillon
Choreographer: Sarah Adjou
Featuring: Aurore Mettray, Anna Beghelli, Maé Nayrolles, Adrien Lichnewsky, Chiara Corbetta, Maureen Mouttou, Maxime Joret, Sarah Adjou
Music: Sebastien Brun
Writers: Jérémie Bouillon & Sarah Adjou

Screening: Capitol Dance & Cinema Festival – Oct 8 2022 @ Eaton Workshop DC