Dancinema 2022: Step By Step (London, UK)

London, UK
Director & Producer: Andrew Margetson
Featuring: Lauren Cuthertson & Baby
Choreographer: Didy Veldman
Music: Nemanja Mosurovic

A portrait of star ballerina, Lauren Cuthbertson, returning to dance after having a baby.

During the pandemic, Lauren Curthbertson – star dancer at The Royal Ballet in London – had a baby. This is the story of her coming back to dance. It features an original piece of choreography created on her by celebrated contemporary choreographer Didy Veldman.

It’s a kind of follow-up to the award winning short ‘Reborn’ (over 10 million views online) that Andrew made with Lauren in 2016 and that screened at Dancinema’s CASCADIA Dance & Cinema Festival in 2016.

Screening: Capitol Dance & Cinema Festival – Oct 8 2022 @ Eaton Workshop DC