Dancinema 2022: You Wanted Rivers (Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan)

We are never getting what we want.
We are never happy with what we get.

A dance film about desires that wear us down,
that make us follow risky paths and that keep us
forever thirsty and forever blind.

The dancers explore and build the quality of
their movement based on their relationship
with the raw and vast landscapes of Jordan.

The physical fatigue that is building up,
the harsh sun, hot sands, sharp stones –
everything that causes discomfort helps
them blend in and experience everything
through their bodies. It allows them to
achieve another level of mindfulness
and authenticity in their performance.

Dancers: Anita Sawicka & Piotr Simba Abramowicz
Director: Magdalena Zielinska
DOP: Mateusz Kanownik
Editor: Mateusz Kanownik & Magdalena Zielińska
Sound Design: Wojciech Pawluczuk / Grenade Sound Studio
Color Grade: Piotr Putko
Music: Dictaphone – Opening Night, Water Drumming – Baka Women Courtesy of globalmusicexchange.org

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