Death penalty in Saudi Arabia rose by 53%, says report | DW News

Use of the death penalty is exploding around the world. The number of people executed in 2022 spiked to its highest level in 5 years, according to Amnesty International.

A zoom in on the situation in Saudi Arabia now with Duaa Dhainy. She works for the European-Saudi Organization for Human Rights. Saudi Arabia was third with 196 executions, the overall number of executions in Saudi Arabia has tripled. The report also mentions that 81 people were executed a single day in Saudi Arabia in 2022.

Amnesty also noted a significant increase in the number of death sentences carried out for drug-related crimes, a violation of international human rights law.

The group’s annual report on the use of capital punishment found China continues to execute thousands of its citizens every year – though authorities don’t disclose official data. The second worst offender was Iran. Authorities there executed 576 people – up more than 80 percent on the previous year.
Despite that, Amnesty also praised some progress away from the death penalty. With six countries fully or partially abolishing capital punishment.


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