Esther Esrah – Overgrown | Sofar Vienna

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Filmed by:
Jay Choma
Julia Altenburger
Shervin Sardari

Edited by:
Jay Choma

Audio by:
Shervin Sardari

Additional Credits:
Mix by:
Tomá Ivanov

“Overgrown” was inspired by the bathroom in my parents’ old apartment. The bathroom was very bright, filled with many plants and a large Monstera at its center made it sort of feel like a jungle.
My parents needed to move out of the flat after nearly 30 years of living there, so I sat in the bathroom one last time to think of lyrics for a new melody. I connected my childhood and youth with this place — a safe space I was always able to come back to was gone. This forced farewell of a trusted environment made me think of whether or not it was also time to leave my childhood dreams behind, which have clearly become overgrown.
These few lines already express everything I felt:

my dreams are growing older
all stuck in one room
waiting to bloom”

It tells the story of feeling overburdened by one’s dreams because they’ve been growing for too long without realizing them. Your dreams grow and age with you — maybe they are overgrown by new dreams or are left behind entirely, but it can often feel like they don’t fit in the same room or can even be realized in one lifetime.

Dreams grow weak without nourishment. They can conflict with each other, becoming entangled, leaving one feeling weak, aimless, and disoriented but you’re still unwilling to give up on them. The dreams are neither rotten, nor forgotten. You either fight for them or let them go.

Esther Bradatsch – voc, electronics
Tomá Ivanov – e-guitar, electronics, git-synth solo
Lukas Leitner – keys & synth
Federico Perinelli – e-bass, electronics
Raphael Keuschnigg – drums & SPD-SX

Esther Bradatsch – lyrics
Esther Bradatsch, Sebastian Buck – composition
Esther Bradatsch & band – live arrangement

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