From Dublin to Belfast: What makes the Island of Ireland so Special?

We’ll take you from Dublin, where we are celebrating St. Patrick’s day, to filming locations from the world-famous series Game of Thrones, to Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. Enjoy our journey around the “Emerald Isle”!

00:00 St Patrick’s Day, Dublin
00:32 Dublin city tour
01:22 Guinness Storehouse, Dublin
01:50 The Long Room Library, Trinity College, Dublin
02:18 Leo’s Tavern Pub, Dublin
03:12 Landscapes and National Parks
04:12 Galway
04:30 Game of Thrones filming locations
06:25 Belfast
07:25 Titanic quarter, Belfast
07:50 The Points Alehouse, Belfast

Report: Anne Térmeche
Editing: Klaus Hellmig
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