How caste bias runs rampant in India’s media landscape | DW News

In India, Dalits, or formerly known as “untouchables” are from the lowest stratum of the Hindu caste system. Despite constitutional protections and affirmative action, the country’s 300 million Dalits face rampant discrimination and violence. To fight against caste bias in Indian newsrooms and tell their own stories, dozens of Dalit journalists launched their own news portals, YouTube channels and websites. Among them, The Mooknayak (leader of the voiceless) founded by Dalit journalist Meenakshi Kotwal, covers stories ranging from individual injustices to policy debates that impact the Dalit community and other marginalized groups. Along with 14 journalists coming from diverse social groups in India, she runs her newsroom on the donations from crowdfunding. DW’s Adil Bhat reports from Delhi.


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