How I Pack Black Tattoo Ink

Have you thought to yourself “How Do I Pack Black Tattoo Ink?”

In this video we will take a first hand look at my logic, thought process, and approach in which I take to pack black.

Packing black is something that can and may vary from artist to artist because of multiple reasons at that. 1 artist can naturally have a heavier hand over another so the heavy handed artist may need a different approach over the artist with the lighter hand.

For me personally the idea of packing black is rather simple and direct. I keep my eyes on the needle tips and I am also very mindful of my voltage and hand speed as well. It is easy to overwork the skin in ways that can scar and cause unwanted damage. Packing black is something that I worked into over time after I messed up loads of fake skin.

So I warn you, upon packing black be cautious, mindful and always read the skin. I highly recommend to practice and get a good feel for what packing black feels like and you can use Reelskin fake tattoo skin to do so.

Reelskin Fake Tattoo Skin

Reelskin Sleeve

Reelskin Hand

Reelskin Reelsquares

Reelskin Tattoonicorn

Reelskin Fake Tattoo Skin

ReelSkin 6 Pound Box Of Cutoffs

ReelSkin Hand

ReelSkin Forearm Wrist Hand

ReelSkin Darer Tone Hand



ReelSkin Best Ofer

A5 ReelSkin Sheet

A5 ReelSkin Sheet (Darker Tone)

3x A4 ReelSkin Sheet (Darker Tone)

ReelSkin Little Big Value Pack

ReelSkin Large Uncut Skin
%C2%A314-99- p328661304?Aff119

Reelskin Tattoable Skull

PMU Training Face

Reelskin Arm With Forearm & Wrist & Hand

3x A3 Sheets

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