How the civil rights movement impacted Santigold’s music #shorts

Singer-songwriter Santigold defies genres and addresses racial equity in her latest album “Spirituals.”

“Music has always been a place for transcendence and for fighting and moving forward,” she told the PBS NewsHour’s Christopher Booker. “That’s why I make music so that what the music does for me, I can do for other people.”

In the video for her song “Shake,” she recreates protesters hosed and pinned against the wall — one of the most horrific, yet iconic scenes in the civil rights movement.

“The song was, for me, very much about human resilience and about just moving through the challenges, the trauma, the hardship,” Santigold said. “It was very fitting to just put myself in front of a hose and to try to keep moving through it because that’s what generations of women and generations of Black women, generations of Black people have had to do.”

Click the link in our bio for more. This post was produced and edited by Christopher Booker, Cecilia Lallmann, Jackie Hai and Steff Staples.

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