How to Survive a Loss of Reputation

We spend an inordinate amount of time worrying ‘what other people think.’ But for some of us, there may come a time when we need to step beyond living for our reputation in the eyes of others – and have to learn how to cope without the warm blanket of social status. Here is a guide.
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“Reputation might be defined as the claim that one can make on the goodwill of strangers; it is what your name will mean to those who don’t know you, who spend almost no time thinking of you. It’s what you will get reduced to when you aren’t illuminated by love. How your reputation is assessed depends on the extent to which you have fulfilled, or violated, the ideals and aspirations of your society. Most of us are properly known to, and liked by, five to ten people. When it comes to everyone else, reputation is what will decide what we have been worth…”


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