How To Tattoo With A Ball Point Pen

Have you ever wanted to tattoo on human skin without actually tattooing on human skin, but still being able to work on humans skin?
(Patent Pending)

In this video we unlock a little trick that allows us to practice non permanent tattooing on human skin and or paper. I will show you how I go about creating a setup that pushed a ballpoint pen as if it were a tattoo needle.

What this does is this allows me to be able to practice my stippling on the fly, I can become more comfortable with conducting myself upon applying tattoos, I can learn how to stretch the skin, and I can practice shading on human skin. What is awesome about this exercise is that if we are not happy with where we put our shading we can simply wipe the pen ink off and continue again.

This is a great exercise to build our tattooing skillsets and to help us do that in a more timely manor. The idea is to become more familiar with the overall workflow of the tattooing process. WE ARE NOT TRYING TO DO A REAL TATTOO WITH THE BALLPOINT PEN. It is strictly for practice and educational purposes only. Be mindful and cautious of how much pressure you are applying when doing this excercise.

I am using the Inkclaw P1ss to run this setup along with some disposable tubes and needles from Dragonhawk. I will leave links to these so you can check them out on your end.

Inkclaw P1ss Tattoo Machine machine?ref=tr04pzr8an

60 PCS Needles With Tubes

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