How will China’s foreign policy change after the removal of Qin Gang as minister? | DW News

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang was kicked out of office on Tuesday, weeks after he mysteriously vanished from public view. The situation has sparked speculation about Qin’s fate.
Beijing said Qin’s predecessor, Wang Yi, who is currently head of the Communist Party’s foreign affairs commission, will take over as foreign minister.
There has been little official explanation so far for Qin’s absence. His removal likely marks the end of the political career of one of the most prominent figures in the Chinese leadership.
He was one of the earliest Chinese diplomats to make sharp comments in defense of Beijing’s increasingly assertive foreign policy positions.
Qin also became known for his tough talk against the West.
Those remarks earned him the reputation as a “wolf warrior,” a nickname given to Chinese diplomats who respond vehemently to Western nations they perceive as hostile.


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