Natural resources: How China is trying to charm Afghanistan | DW News

China has become the first country to appoint an ambassador to Afghanistan since the Taliban came to power two years ago. Ambassador Zhao Sheng was welcomed in a lavish ceremony as he presented his credentials to de facto Prime Minister Mohammad Hassan Akhund in Kabul. The appointment is a major boost in the Taliban’s quest for international recognition which has evaded it so far, over its restrictive policies against women and girls.
On the other hand there’s the relationship between Pakistan and the Afghan Taliban. It isn’t going well and tensions are most visible at their disputed border. Both sides exchanged fire recently at the Torkham border, the main frontier crossing between both nations. It was then closed, opening only after a week. Each time the border is closed, it’s people who suffer. So what interest does China have in Afghanistan?
And why seem the Taliban to prefer to do business with China over Pakistan?


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