Protests mount across China: How they started and where they could go | DW News

Calm has returned to the streets of several Chinese cities, following large-scale protests against the government’s strict COVID-19 measures.
But in Shanghai, there’s been an increased police presence on the streets this morning. Authorities there are also preparing for the possibility of more protests, erecting barriers in places where people gathered overnight.
The rallies are a rare show of defiance against Chinese authorities, with some protesters even calling for President Xi Jinping to resign. But there’s no sign the harsh restrictions of his zero-COVID policy will be lifted anytime soon.

00:00 Protests mount in China
02:56 What the atmosphere is now after a weekend of protests
04:06 How authorities are reacting across China
05:20 What repercussions are protesters facing?
06:02 How common is dissent in China and what is different now?
07:17 How firmly will the party crack down on protests?
08:49 How will the protests develop in the short and long term?


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