Psych2Go Japan Launched #shorts

In an effort to keep expanding Psych2Go content around the world, we are now working locally with native Japanese right in the heart of Vancouver city to bring stories, mental health insights, and culture to around the world.

Through our @psych2goJP ‘s channel, we hope to educate the world more about the mental health condition in Japan, real stories of Japanese living in Vancouver, BC so that we can embrace the impact mental wellness have on us around the world.

Our goal through this project is that once it succeeds in expanding to Japan, we hope to also build out our languages more. Mental health is a world issue, but every culture experiences mental health differently. We hope to shed insights on cultural differences on mental wellness.

Feel free to reach out to:
1) if you would like to be a potential guest on the show.
2) if you would like to become an ambassador by promoting the channel
3) for video ideas

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