Schizophrenia: Fighting the Stigma (with Lauren from @LivingWellwithSchizophrenia )

Psych2Go’s Michelle Rivas and Lauren Kennedy from Living Well Schizophrenia discuss the stigma around Schizophrenia and the importance of fighting these stereotypes and problematic narratives in the media. We’re also going to be touching on mental health awareness, mental health access, and debunking myths around schizophrenia.

Get your questions answered in this special episode of Ask an Advocate! Join us in learning and debunking the different types of problematic myths that are perpetuated about schizophrenia and discussing the importance of mental health access and advocacy!

You’ll be able to engage with us LIVE to have your questions answered!

February 28th, 2023, @ 12 p.m. PST time.

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Living Well with Schizophrenia:

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