Taiwan’s China-friendly opposition KMT party visits Beijing | DW News

A visit to Beijing by a delegation of politicians from Taiwan’s main opposition party, the Kuomintang – the KMT for short – has been closely watched and controversial, because China has sent almost two thousand fighter jets into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone over the past twelve months. So the KMT’s overtures come at a time that, to Taiwan’s government in power the Democratic Progressive Party, seems badly timed.
But the KMT says engagement is necessary, especially when the fact is that so much business is done between the two sides. In the meetings, however, a top Beijing official’s comments about politics, not business, grabbed the headlines. China warned the KMT that it needs to oppose Taiwan independence.
The island remains heatedly divided over what kind of relationship it has with Beijing. With some pretty strong feelings from those opposed to better relations with China. People who feel Taiwan is a democracy, and not like China with its authoritarian system. Many in Taiwan feel the Ukraine War reflects what they fear could happen to them. One young Taiwanese man even went to Ukraine to join the fight.

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