Thailand’s former prime minister jailed after return from exile | DW News

Former Prime Mistister Thaksin Shinawat is sentenced on longstanding charges of corruption, which he says are politically motivated. Thaksin Shinawat has been jailed on corruption-related charges – that’s after returning to Thailand from 15 years of self-imposed exile. Thaksin was convicted in absentia over several cases that he says were politically motivated. His eight-year jail term could well be shortened if he receives a royal pardon. Thaksin return comes as the current leader of the party he founded is poised to become Thailand’s new prime minister.

Thaksin flew into Bangkok, where he was greeted by crowds of supporters. He was taken to the Supreme Court, which imposed a sentence of eight years from a conviction handed down while he was in exile. Thaksin rejected the charges as politically motivated. The billionaire former businessman is one of Thailand’s most controversial political figures. He won two elections as prime minister, was deposed in a coup and fled Thailand in 2008.


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