The Halo Effect: The Superpower of Beautiful People

When you look at the sun, sometimes it appears way larger than it actually is. The circle of light that makes it look bigger is called a halo. Beautiful women and handsome men produce the same effect. Their appearance can be so deceiving that we begin to attribute completely unrelated qualities to their looks. This bias is known as the halo effect.

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Script: Jonas Koblin
Artist: Pascal Gaggelli
Voice: Matt Abbott
Coloring: Nalin
Editing: Peera Lertsukittipongsa
Sound Design: Miguel Ojeda
Production: Selina Bador

Divine Masquerade – Jack Pierce
Cheeky Plum Fairy – Shaun Frearson

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00:00 Example
00:21 Halo effect definition
00:50 History
01:12 Thorndike’s finding
02:03 Halo effect study
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