Truth Bombs about Self Isolation, Self Help and “Free Advice” Interview Ep 2

In this in-person ask-expert series, our tentative host Geo Gao talks with Scott Goodbar, a mental health expert about loneliness, self-isolation, and mental health. Our goal with these series is to provide educational knowledge and stories to help people expand their understanding of the state of mental welfare in their local communities. If you enjoy this series, you can support us, by sharing this video would someone who could benefit.

In a previous episode, we talked with a Vancouver based, Clinical Director, Danielle Holtjer on her domestic abuse. Through the interview, we learn the signs of what domestic abuse looks or doesn’t look like and how to navigate it. In this interview with Scott Goodbar, we hope to shed insights on what we can do as a local community to further the mission of mental health information sharing.

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