USA: World’s End | At the Back of Beyond (4/5)

In the US, photographer Florian Wagner moves to rural Pennsylvania. In Lancaster Country, the Amish woman Barbara takes him for a ride in her horse-drawn carriage and explains why the Amish people still live like their ancestors. In Forksville, a small village in the “Endless Mountains”, Florian Wagner stops at the old general store and eats probably the most powerful cheese-steak of his life. When looking at the “Endless Mountains” in the “World’s End State Park” the photographer gets an idea of how hard the life of the pioneers must have been.

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How does it feel to stand at the end of the world? In this five-part documentary series, German photographer Florian Wagner embarks on a voyage of discovery to places bearing this name: Finistére in France, Big World’s End in Sri Lanka, Verdens End in Norway, World’s End in the USA and finally Finisterre in Spain.

A film by: Heike Nikolaus
© 2017, Lona media

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