WATCH: How Biden proposes restoring ‘the dignity of work’ | 2023 State of the Union

In his 2022 State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Joe Biden laid out a broad plan for restoring “the dignity of work” and empowering workers.

He addressed banning non-compete agreements, protecting workers who want to form a union, restoring the full child tax credit, and making affordable housing, senior home care and making higher education more accessible, among other extensive ideas.

“Let’s guarantee all workers have a living wage,” Biden said. “Let’s make sure working parents can afford to raise a family with sick days, paid family medical leave, affordable childcare.”
Biden also said he wanted to increase salaries for public teachers, reduce student debt and increase career training.

Biden’s Feb. 7 address comes nearly a year after Russia invaded Ukraine and amid new diplomatic tensions between the U.S. and China over a suspected surveillance balloon. This is Biden’s second State of the Union address, as his first was a joint address to Congress in April 2021.

Last year, Biden used his address to emphasize themes of bipartisanship and unity. But he now faces a split Congress, with the GOP-led House launching efforts to investigate his family and his administration.

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