Why do we know so little about the death penalty in China? | DW News

Use of the death penalty is soaring around the world. The number of people executed in 2022 spiked to its highest level in 5 years – that’s according to Amnesty International .The group’s annual report on the use of capital punishment found China continues to execute thousands of its citizens every year – though authorities don’t disclose official data. The second worst offender was Iran. Authorities there executed 576 people – up more than 80 percent on the previous year.

Saudi Arabia was third with 196 executions. A 200 percent rise. Amnesty also noted a significant increase in the number of death sentences carried out for drug-related crimes, a violation of international human rights law.

Despite that, Amnesty also praised some progress away from the death penalty. With six countries fully or partially abolishing capital punishment.

We take a closer look at those numbers with Chiara Sangiorgio. She’s Amnesty International’s Death Penalty Advisor and a co-author of that latest report.

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