Why is Pakistan failing and how can it be fixed? | DW Analysis

Pakistan is a nation on edge. Dire economic trends and rising security threats have ordinary Pakistanis increasingly hopeless about the country’s future. A power struggle between the military leadership and ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan leaves the country politically fractured. Elections have been announced for January 2024 to replace the current caretaker government. But under Pakistan’s current hybrid military rule, can a democratic leader emerge to bring about needed reforms?

In this video, Pakistan experts weigh in on the serious challenges the country faces, and what should be done to improve Pakistan’s prospects.

Guests: Hussain Haqqani, Dr. Ayesha Siddiqua, Nadeem Farooq Paracha, Zahid Hussain, Mehreen Zahra-Malik, Michael Kugelman

Presenter Michelle Stockman lived and worked in Pakistan from 2013- 2015. She reported on economic and security issues for DW News, CNN, GlobalPost and other outlets.

Editing: Abdullah Mustafa, Graphics: Herman Wirt, Producer: Irfan Aftab, Executive Producer: Andrew Devine

Co-Production of DW NEWS and DW URDU YT: @DWUrdu

00:00 Is Pakistan becoming a failed state?
01:57 Economic Crisis //OR// How to solve the economic emergency?
05:39 Pakistan’s political crisis //OR// Power struggle between Imran Khan and the Military
08:10 Hybrid Regime
11:46 Security Crisis //OR// Pakistan and the Taliban: Friend and Foe
14:42 Tensions between India and Pakistan
17:30 China: Pakistan’s richest neighbour
19:47 Pakistan’s Climate Change Crisis
20:13 How to improve Pakistan’s future?

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