Will India become an economic superpower? | Business Beyond

India is now the world’s most populous country and its fifth largest economy. By the end of the decade, it is projected to be the third largest, behind only China and the USA. It has a vast youth population while its GDP growth outstrips other top ten economies. Its geopolitical importance is also growing amid a rapidly changing global order.

India now has ambitions to become a global economic superpower. But there are serious question marks. It remains an extremely poor country, with major inequalities from female labor force participation to education. Other issues such as ethnic tensions, democratic decline and environmental damage are fraying the fabric of the Indian Republic.

In this episode of Business Beyond, we ask if India can seize its moment.

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00:00 Introduction
02:01 India’s economy: growing fast
04:29 India’s plan
06:25 The structure of the Indian economy
10:35 India’s human capital problem
13:42 India’s gender gap
16:11 The Education problem
18:24 Other threats
20:04 Conclusion

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