Ziba Rajabi’s “Glitched Home” installation timelapse

Between July 11 and September 27, 2021, museum guests were invited to witness Fayetteville-based artist Ziba Rajabi create a new work of art before their eyes in the exhibition “Crystal Bridges at 10,” a show celebrating the museum’s collection and the local community one decade into the museum’s lifetime.

In her work, Fayetteville-based artist Ziba Rajabi confronts the many effects of displacement from her home country of Iran. Rajabi struggles to maintain a sense of “home” in two very different places. Drawing directly from memory, “Glitched Home” considers Rajabi’s fleeting remembrances of her home in Tehran. The artist brings together a selection of images and materials that evoke the in-between moments she has experienced while being away. The space mimics that of a home and includes everyday objects, wallpapers, and rugs from Iran. Rajabi will work periodically in this space throughout the course of this exhibition as she creates “Glitched Home.”


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