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Algorithms are increasingly determining our lives and influencing our momentous decisions. At first glance, they seem logical and unbiased. But in fact, algorithms are shaped by the prejudices of both their programmers and users of the Internet.

Algorithms contribute to creating an unequal world. What happens when we give these algorithmic systems more and more tasks to complete for us? These days, they decide whether we are creditworthy, whether we are entitled to social welfare, or even which partner suits us. They work behind the scenes, making decisions about our lives without our knowledge. The hope is that they will be more efficient than we are. That their cool logic will eliminate human error. But if we look behind the facade of Artificial Intelligence, we find a very different, rather disturbing picture.

The filmmakers meet people who have been harmed by the use of algorithms. Like Marie, for example, who was lured into anorexia by YouTube algorithms. Or Macarena, who had to hide for six years because an algorithm said she was safe, even though her violent husband remained at large. Or Derya, who became homeless with her children after her marriage fell apart because an algorithm labeled her a cheater. Artificial decisions with serious consequences, where the source of error, on closer inspection, cannot be attributed to the algorithms, but to the developers and their clients. What happens if we give these algorithmic systems more and more responsibility? In addition to aggrieved victims, in this film researchers, managers, whistleblowers, politicians and artists also have their say.

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