The longest vs shortest fasting hours: Ramadan North and South | Al Jazeera World Documentary

An intimate look at the month of Ramadan through the eyes of Muslims in opposite ends of the world.

Muslims worldwide observe the holy month of Ramadan, which involves fasting, prayer and spiritual reflection.

However, observing Ramadan can be challenging in countries where daylight hours are very long. In Iceland, the nearly 24-hour daylight in summer can mean that fasting timings need adjusting. Some Icelandic Muslims fast in line with daylight, but others do so according to the time in the holy city of Mecca.

Meanwhile, in the New Zealand winter, daylight hours can be relatively short, and some Muslims spend much of this time preparing for iftar, the after-sunset meal that breaks the fast.

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Revealed: Shocking Difference Between Longest & Shortest Fasting Hours!
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