Vienna — Your Guide to Empress Sisi’s Castles and Jewelry

September 10th, 2023 marks the 125th anniversary of Empress Sisi’s death. DW’s Hannah Hummel takes the opportunity to explore the Austrian capital. Vienna is where the iconic empress lived, suffered and loved. She still intrigues people today: as recently as 2022 there were a new film and a series about her.
What did Sisi have that others didn’t? Find out with Hannah!

00:00 Intro in Vienna’s old town
00:54 Hofburg Imperial Palace
04:02 Empress Elisabeth Memorial in Volksgarten
05:56 Schönbrunn Palace
07:39 Coffee house Demel
09:00 Jewelery A.E. Köchert

Report: Hannah Hummel
Camera/Editing: Neven Hillebrands
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