Wich of these 10 Sights Have you Visited? European Bucket List

We’re showing you ten iconic landmarks in Europe that you have to see for yourself! We’ll begin in ancient civilization with the Acropolis in Athens, then travel through time and space to visit London’s Tower Bridge, and finally arrive in the 20th century to check out the Atomium in Brussels. Have you visited any of these sites?

00:00 Intro
00:27 #1: Acropolis, Athen
00:58 #2: Colosseum, Rome
01:27 #3: Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
01:57 #4: Edinburgh Castle,
02:24 #5: Charles Bridge, Prague
02:54 #6: Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
03:25 #7: Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
03:55 #8: Tower Bridge, London
04:26 #9: Eiffel Tower, Paris
04:56 #10: Atomium, Brussels

Report: Andreas Kirchhoff
Editing: Klaus Helmig
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