5 Signs A Narcissist Likes You

Are you wondering if that charming person in your life might be a narcissist? Spotting the signs of a narcissist’s interest can be tricky, but fear not! In this video, we’ll reveal a few telltale signs that a narcissist likes you. From their grandiose gestures to their manipulative tactics, we’ll help you navigate the complex world of narcissistic relationships and narcissistic love. Don’t fall victim to narcissistic abuse! Stay tuned and learn how to protect yourself.

Can a narcissists really fall in love? Watch this video to find out more: https://youtu.be/EYh0VfVXE-4

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Writer: Chloe Avenasa
Editor: Caitlin McColl
Script Manager: Kelly Soong
Voice Over: Amanda Silvera (http://www.youtube.com/amandasilvera )
Animator: Micoflores @micoflores
Production Assistant: Thomas Kang
Youtube Manager: Cindy Cheong

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