6 Things You Do That Are Ruining Your Life

Are you unknowingly engaging in behaviors that are sabotaging your life? It’s time to take a closer look at these common habits that might be holding you back from self improvement. Join us in this video as we uncover these detrimental patterns and provide practical tips for personal growth.

0:25 trying to be perfect at everything
1:05 the unhealthy expectations placed upon yourself
1:21 getting stuck in relationships
2:12 your work environment
4:21 spending excessive amounts

Let us know if you’ve been doing that are actually ruining your life in the comments! If you are, don’t worry, we’re here to guide you on the path to positive change!

Disclaimer: This video is for informative purposes only. If you can relate to any of these signs, please do not take this feedback as an attack on your character. This video is meant to be a self-improvement guide for those of you who have been feeling a little stuck.

Want more self improvement tips? Want to make better habits instead? We also made a video on a few small habits that can change your life forever for the better: https://youtu.be/-fgbQsVtsfo

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Researcher/ Writer: Sidney Thompson
Script Editor: Kelly Soong & Dawn Tan
Script Manager: Kelly Soong
Voice Over: Amanda Silvera (http://www.youtube.com/amandasilvera)
Animator: Ayacchi (https://youtube.com/ayacchi)
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong

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