9 Habits That Damage Your Brain

Are you guilty of some of these habits that may be hurting not only your mental health but also your physical brain? It’s important to be aware of these habits because damaged brain tissue makes you more susceptible to developing neurological diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease that stem from cognitive decline. Do you relate to any of these 9 bad habits that damage your brain? If it’s not on the list, list the habits in the comment below!

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1:10 staying in the dark to much
1:39 consuming too much negative news
2:05 blasting headphones
2:29 social isolation
2:58 too much screen time
3:27 consuming too much sugar
3:50 skipping breakfast
4:20 you’re barely moving
4:46 poor sleeping habits

Writer: Ria Parikh
Script Editor: Isadora Ho
Script Manager: Kelly Soong
VO: Amanda Silvera
Animator: Naphia
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong


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