Are You Quiet or Introverted? The Quiet Personality Type

Growing up as a quiet person, you might just assume that you are an introvert right? Especially after watching so many of our psych2go videos about introversion, it’s very assume that we are just introvertly. But what if we told you, that quiet people are not necessarily introvert? Introvert meaning is more about the psychology of how our brain functions when we are around people. For introverts, introvert get drain around others. But quiet people on the other hand, do not get drained at all. In fact, in this video, we will cover some of the signs that you might just be a quiet person and not an introvert. You could be both quiet and extroverted, you never know.

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Writer: Chloe Avenasa
Editor: Michal Mitchell
Script Manager: Kelly Soong
Voice Over: Amanda Silvera (amanda silvera )
Animator: Zuzia
Youtube Manager: Cindy Cheong

1). Social engagement 0:53
2). Energy restoration 1:29
3). Comfortable in groups 2:05
4). Communication styles 2:36
5). External stimulation 3:16

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