Are Your Friends Fake? By @Psych2go ep 1

We have been working really hard to get stories, mental wellness, and animation to help others. This is one of our latest animated stories. The script is fictional, but it may be something you could relate to. It’s about fake friends, and when it is time to let go of them. If you support Psych2Go’s effort to innovate and bring more stories to you, consider sharing this video with someone who may need it.

Let’s be real, we’ve encountered fake friends who bring drama, negativity, and just don’t have our backs. It’s time to address the vibes that don’t align and say goodbye to toxic connections.

In this video, we’re here to remind you that it’s important to let go of fake friends who don’t have your best interest at heart – those who drain your energy and stunt your growth. Life is too short for fake friendships, and we deserve uplifting bonds that inspire us!


Voice Over: Chloe Mei-li Bundt
Animation: Ego/Vorker studios
Project Managed: Geo Gao

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