EXPERT ADVICE: How To Manage Anger And Frustration

Psych2Go’s Monica Taing hosts the Ask An Expert series about how can you manage anger. Managing anger and angry emotions can be difficult. In this live stream, Dr. Conte shares various methods of managing anger. These methods can be applicable in your everyday life at school, work or even personal relationships. Our goal for our exclusive live stream is to bring experts in the field or people with lived experience to share their knowledge with Psych2Go community. If you have anyone you’d like us to interview, feel free to email us!

Join Psych2Go’s Monica ( and Dr Christian Conte ( for a discussion about How to Manage Anger as a part of the Ask An Expert Series.

YouTube Livestream on 28 November at 1:30 PM EST.

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If you’d like to get involved with the Ask An Expert series, e-mail monica[at]psych2go[dot]net.

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